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Induction Evening Presentation 

Things To Do

Below is a step by step guide of everything you need to complete, and by what deadline, please watch the help videos to aid you completing each section. You have 7 things you need to complete. Please pay careful attention to the deadlines. 

1. Set up Emails on your phone - Deadline 13th July 2018
2. Register Details on SCL Website - Deadline 13th July 2018
3. Email copy of passport, Birth certificate and NI number to Jack Cassidy - Deadline 13th July 2018
4. Sign all online permission slips - Deadline 13th July 2018

5. Order Kit - Deadline 6th August 2018

6. Send photo of GCSE results slip via email to Jack Cassidy - Deadline 23rd August 2018

7. Follow August Training Programme - Deadline 1st August 2018

Below is each of the above in more detail with a help video. Please watch and complete each step by the deadline, if you have any trouble please contact Jack Cassidy for help. 

1. Players Set up Emails On Your Phone And Check Regulary 

Below is a help video on youtube to help you set up emails to your phone, there is a video for iPhone and android. ensure you are checking regularly.

Deadline: 13th July 2018

2. Register Details On SCL Website

SCL Registration

Register, Set a password then send me a email once complete with your log in details and password 

Deadline: 13th July 2018

Help Video:

3. Send Passport Photo / Birth Certificate & NI Number via email to Jack Cassidy

Please email a photo of the following to Jack Cassidy to verify and completion enrolment to SCL. 

Deadline: 13th July 2018

  • Passport (If you dont have a passport birth certificate if fine)
  • Birth Certificate 
  • National Insurance Number (id you have lost this please ring HMRC to resend the letter to you ASAP.

4. Players & Parents Sign all online permission slips sent via email to players email addresses

Sent via 'hellosign' to sign electronically by player and parent 

Deadline: 13th July 

5. Kit Order

6. Results Day Confirmation 

The day of your GCSE exams please send a photo via email of your results slip to Jack Cassidy

Deadline: 23rd August 2018

7. Follow your 3 week August Training Programme